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Gaining Traction for New Concepts

You have done the hard part: you have developed a new, proven idea that will better the human experience.

The challenge: how can you use the power of visualization to convey your new idea? How can you identify and connect with your target audiences in meaningful ways? How can you motivate your target audiences to embrace, and advocate for, your idea?

We see these challenges arise in several key areas:

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Gaining Traction for New Concepts

Evidence comes in many forms—sometimes it is research that turns information into policy. Sometimes it is just the result of the work you do. Conveying complex evidence to a market (or markets) is tricky. Its overall value proposition must be distilled and simplified, and then translated into meaningful messaging and visuals. These must then be delivered to—and understood by—your target audiences.

Great ideas aren’t born every day, and meaningful research can take decades. So it is essential that the full potential of your evidence—the result of the work you do—be understood in a way that makes a difference in the world. Learn more about our four-part process.

Change doesn’t happen easily, or overnight. If internal stakeholders are to become advocates for what your organization stands for, you need a clear vision and clear communication. Understanding the prevalent attitudes and beliefs in your current culture is crucial to identifying and examining “points of resistance.” The value proposition needs to speak to these audiences in ways that resonate. The visuals need to support that and tell the story.

We are big fans of national standards that come from research and utilize best practices to bring about change on a bigger stage. Often these standards are complex and need to be understood and embraced by different audiences with differing needs. Introducing these standards with clarity about what is truly important for these audiences is key. Producing a strategy and visual identity is where we come in. Learn more about our proven process.

Orange Square Solutions:

We are experts at introducing complex, challenging ideas—whether in research, organizational development or national standards—to your target audiences in ways that have impact. That impact can take many forms: motivating behavior, driving participation, increasing awareness and deepening understanding.

Our belief is that complexity can be simplified to make it better understood. In most cases, new ideas represent change. And change can be difficult. The key to success is making your new idea meaningful. By doing this, individuals within, and beyond, your organization can take ownership of your idea and help bring your vision to life.

Using the proper insights, we simplify this journey so that you can realize the full potential of your concept with the audiences that matter the most. We use many tools to gain those critical insights. Then, using audience-centered communication, we transform your complexity into clear, compelling messages and visuals. Together, we help you deliver on the promise of your new concept.

As you will see in our case studies, every project is unique. But every successful project is driven by the same thing: insight and strategy. Not the other way around.

Let’s connect to see how we can deliver the impact you need.