Part 2 – Communicating to Parents about QRIS: Detailing Tactics and Calculating Costs


In Part 1 of this series, we discussed how to create a communications framework for reaching out to parents.

In Part 2, we’ll review strategy and tactics, as well as the kinds of marketing materials needed to reach each audience.

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By now, you’ve developed an overall communications framework for your parent outreach campaign (see Part 1 of this series for more information) and are ready to move ahead and connect parents with your state’s quality rating and improvement system. The next step is to create a detailed communications strategy outlining the specific tactics needed for your communications, and calculate costs for executing this phase of your campaign.

Do you really need a communications strategy for your quality rating and improvement system? Definitely. Though some stakeholders may not immediately recognize its importance in the success of your QRIS, this strategy is the roadmap used to guide your efforts, and it establishes the benchmarks used to define success.

Exactly how do you create a communications strategy for your QRIS?