Part 2 – Redesigning the Brand Identity for Your QRIS: Creating a Communications Strategy


In Part 1 of this series, you learned the right questions to ask in developing a communications strategy to support your state’s quality rating and improvement system.

In Part 2, we’ll explain how to build an effective communications strategy that ensures the right audiences learn about your quality rating and improvement system.

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Using the foundation you developed by asking the right questions for re-designing the brand for your quality rating and improvement system, it’s now time to create a communications strategy to build awareness.

Though we had not been involved with development of the 1.0 version of the quality rating and improvement system for Virginia’s QRIS or its brand identity, it was important that we do everything possible to honor the past as we moved forward. Our goal was to create a cohesive experience for providers new to the system and develop a seamless transition to the new QRIS for providers who were already enrolled.