Part 3 – Redesigning the Brand Identity for Your QRIS: Rebranding Your QRIS (design a look)


In Part 1 of this series, you learned the right questions to ask in developing a communications strategy to support your state’s quality rating and improvement system.

In Part 2, we outlined specific guidelines to keep in mind in crafting that strategy.

In Part 3 you’ll see how to use that communications strategy as the framework on which every design decision is based.

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More than just being visually pleasing, great design (both in print and for digital) should elicit a directed and predicted response. Your marketing communications must stand out from the crowd, connect, be memorable, and inspire action.

Given that your QRIS brand already has a look, it can be a delicate balance to be sure the new look connects to the past while also moving your organization forward; it’s important to get this right. For any rebranding project, the goal is to create a brand identity that can take your organization to the next level and reflect the changes that have taken place.