Part 4 – Redesigning the Brand Identity for Your QRIS: Executing & Distributing Marketing Materials


In Part 1 of this series, you learned the right questions to ask in developing a communications strategy to support your state’s quality rating and improvement system.

In Part 2, we outlined specific guidelines to keep in mind in crafting that strategy.

In Part 3 we described the process of redesigning your QRIS brand to position the system for success.

In Part 4 you’ll learn what marketing materials are needed to launch your new QRIS brand identity.

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Once you’ve completed the final part of the redesign process—approval of the overall brand identity in its mocked-up form—it’s time to create and distribute the marketing materials you’ll need to achieve your communications goals for each audience.

Note that this step is where you’ll need real copy to be written and approved, actual photography to be chosen and purchased, and realistic website development and production schedules to be drafted.

How you prioritize the creation of these materials depends on your specific situation. In the case of Virginia Quality, the first priority was to outfit the statewide network of Regional Coordinators who are charged with executing the QRIS with tools they needed in face-to-face meetings.