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Project Description

Achieving New Relevance in Your Market

Achieving New Relevance in Your Market

Reframing an Organization: DeLuca + Weizenbaum


Deluca + Weizenbaum help people who have suffered serious injuries due to the careless and negligent actions of others. Their successful team approach has helped them obtain significant results for injury victims and their family members. Their level of service has won them accolades from the legal community, the national press and, most importantly, their clients.


Our challenge was to explore the focus of Deluca + Weizenbaum as they needed to update their corporate image, establish them as experts, and dispel the negative public perception associated with attorneys in this field.


  • Explore business model to determine putting the stake in the ground around medical malpractice
  • Identify target market referring attorneys and clients with serious medical malpractice issues
  • Identify Deluca + Weizenbaum’s corporate values and how they align with market needs
  • Identify the ideal client/case that needs to be attracted to Deluca + Weizenbaum
  • Analyze market competition
  • Create market differentiators
  • Promotes Deluca + Weizenbaum’s role in the community and the importance of philanthropy in the field
  • Use the statement “Advocating for the rights of individuals and families harmed by medical negligence” as a brand anchor
  • Design an identity that connects law and medical
  • Frame the issue using “Third leading cause of death…”
  • Complete the Explore and Extract stages of the Orange Square process.
  • Deliver written marketing strategy brief.

Identified key project goals:

In the Explore stage, we gathered all of the information needed to identify what makes DeLuca + Weizenbaum unique, understand project and organizational goals, external influences and target audiences. In the Extract stage, we focused on outcome, not just output. We delivered a marketing strategy brief that outlines the project objectives, market, competition, and a plan for achieving organizational goals through insight-driven design. All design is initiated from this approved strategy document.

DeLuca + Weizenbaum marketing strategy


DeLuca + Weizenbaum descriptor

The brand anchor

The declaration “Advocating for the rights of individuals and families harmed by medical negligence”—always shown in conjunction with the medical cross—was applied to all marketing materials. This brand element quickly and clearly defined DeLuca + Weizenbaum as a firm committed to specializeing in medical malpractice law on behalf of everyday people harmed by others’ negligence.

DeLuca + Weizenbaum collateral

An identity that connects ‘law’ and ‘medical’

In addition to the brand anchor, the medical cross was used as a motif on the firm’s brochures, folder, stationery, and various other marketing materials to visually connect ‘law’ and ‘medicine’, thus, strengthening the message about DeLuca + Weizenbaum’s area of expertise.

Do I have a case?

Medical negligence is the third leading cause of death in the U.S. DeLuca + Weizenbaum are experts at demonstrating to a judge and jury that doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals sometimes make mistakes. But, winning a case means proving that a person’s injuries meet the legal test for medical malpractice. As part of an effort to communicate the firm’s process for taking on cases of this nature, it was important to spell out what three circumstances must be true for the actions of a medical professional to be deemed medically negligent. This legal test was included—both in English and Spanish—in the firm’s brochures and as part of a leave-behind card given to referring attorneys.

DeLuca + Weizenbaum do i have a case

DeLuca + Weizenbaum tip sheets

Health advocates

While much of DeLuca + Weiznebaum’s work deals with the aftermath of medical negligence, the firm exhibits a strong commitment to promoting health and quality care. As part of this devotion, we created a series of tip sheets which offered do’s and don’ts around avoiding hospital infections and preparing for surgery, as well as recommendations for choosing the right doctor.

DeLuca + Weizenbaum ads

Promoting to referring attorneys

Medical negligence is different from the practice of law involving personal injuries. DeLuca + Weizenbaum represents the best in advocacy for such cases in Rhode Island and the region. The ad series featured here was run in Lawyer’s Weekly as a reminder to potential referring attorneys of DeLuca + Weizenbaum’s medical malpractice.

Supporting the community

Much of DeLuca + Weizenbaum’s everyday work involves caring for and supporting the community—clients who find themselves harmed by medical negligence. However, their support goes beyond their clients and the courtroom. Every holiday season the firm supports a local charity. In this ad, DeLuca + Weizenbaum encourages others to follow suit.

DeLuca + Weizenbaum ri food bank event


“Working with Orange Square was both a re-discovery of our work as well as a re-brand. We were able to clarify not only what we do, but why we do it, so our commitment could be communicated outside our own heads! We have seen an enormously positive response. Since so effectively putting our ‘stake in the ground’ as a premier medical malpractice firm, our colleagues on the other side of our cases tell us we file more and better cases than any other competing firms, the numbers of case inquiries we receive has increased and recently we concluded the largest medical negligence settlement in the history of the state, a fact that speaks to the recognition by several sophisticated insurance companies of our reputation in the legal community.

There is no doubt that our work with Orange Square effectively put the ethos of our practice out into the world and has brought back increased opportunities to do more—and better—work.”

rebrand 100 2012 global awards winner

One of the world’s most effective brand transformations of 2012

Received “Notable” recognition in the 2012 ReBrand 100 Global Awards. The REBRAND 100® Global Awards is the highest recognition for excellence in brand repositioning—and the first and only competition of its kind.