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Our team of marketing experts, visual designers, strategist and writers work with you to achieve your organization’s communication goals. We are your personal communication gurus, right-hand problem solvers and marketing communication experts. Depend on us to help you make a difference.

Kristine Merz


Kristine has a passion (some might say obsession) with helping clients create clarity, define their purpose, and determine a clear path forward. As an entrepreneur and founder of Orange Square, she is on a mission to make marketing meaningful by using proven tools and processes that extract organizational expertise to create clarity and focus.

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Ryan West

Senior Art Director

For Ryan, one of the best aspects of the work at Orange Square is that strategy comes first—perhaps an odd thing to hear from a designer who can’t wait to dive into color, typography and imagery. But for Ryan it makes sense—and the end result is more rewarding—to chart the right course before designing.

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Juli Leonard

Senior Art Director

Juli’s passion for art and technology, along with her multidisciplinary background, allows her to craft smart, engaging, unique and functional designs with a pixel perfect eye for detail and strong technical ability.

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Julie Risko Neely

Senior Art Director

Ask Julie for a design solution and she will first ask you a broad range of questions about your market, goals, vision, strengths, and weaknesses. Designing is so much more than sitting down at a computer and knowing the software.

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Lynn Kettleson

Copywriter, Public Relations

Lynn’s life is the written word — finding the single, simple, correct word to communicate exactly what you mean in a way that will stick with the audience. Whether in long form or short, those words must create images, emotions and action by the target audience in order to be effective.

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Gabriel Bedoya


Gabriel is an innovation and marketing specialist with large experience in scientific research to develop marketing applications.
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