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Quality Rating Improvement System

Orange Square is dedicated to improving the lives of children and their families, by combining your expertise in QRIS with our expertise in marketing and communications for the QRIS National Learning Network.

Together with you, we work to improve the quality of early care and education, by building public awareness and engagement in three core ways:

Communications Audit

Communications Audit

With our years of experience in QRIS marketing, we already have a deep understanding of the audiences you’re reaching, but still, we need to understand your audience and evaluate your current brand and marketing efforts. We then use our established process to carefully evaluate all of your organization’s internal and external marketing materials and efforts as they relate to your specific goals—identifying strengths, weaknesses, successes, and opportunities for improvement—and produce a report of the audit to review with you.

With an objective assessment of your current materials—what’s working and priorities for improvement—it’s easy to determine what the next steps are for your state’s QRIS.

Strategic Outreach and Communication Plans

Strategic Outreach and Communication Plans

How will you get everyone—in every stakeholder group—on board?

As one of the nation’s most experienced partners for marketing quality rating and improvement systems, Orange Square works with you to develop a strategy to reach the provider, parent and influencer audiences, and to create detailed communication plans to execute on that strategy.

In the past decade, we’ve been a part of the evolving thinking about how to gain true public awareness and engagement in your QRIS mission, with targeted marketing to specific audiences.

Brand Identity Development

Brand Identity Development

You’ve done the hard work to create your state’s quality rating and improvement system, or perhaps you’re making changes. A clear, compelling brand identity and messaging for your QRIS creates the framework for everything your audience will know about this critical work. Your brand identity needs to be visually strong, contextual, relevant, and culturally sensitive.

The core of our work is developing award-winning and effective brand identities—including brands for other quality rating and improvement systems. Every brand is as unique as each state. Tell us about your QRIS initiative, and where you need help.

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