Goal worth achieving:

Grow the IntelliDose Brand

The Client Request

Redesign the brand identity for IntelliDose®

Problem diagnosis

Even though our focus was on IntelliDose, we needed to understand the relationship between the IntelliDose and IntrinsiQ brands that were represented on the current website.

IntrinsiQ was the corporation and had a software product called IntelliDose®.

IntrinsiQ sold oncology data that came from the IntelliDose software to pharmaceutical companies and hedge funds.

IntelliDose was a product that through its software helped Oncology practices and Oncology departments in hospitals avoid medical errors when dosing Oncology medication and track the cost and billing of each medication.


In order to design a new brand identity and strategy for growing IntelliDose, the proper brand structure of the two brands needed to be chosen.

Creating A Brand Identity Structure

The cornerstone for all other brand strategy decisions

The identity structure of the brands should be clear, easy to comprehend, and make the company’s strength visible both internally and externally.

  • We educated the management team about the three categories of brand structure—monolithic, endorsed, and invisible—and the pros and cons of each.
  • Based on the conflicts of the audiences they were selling to, an invisible brand structure—deemed best—was chosen and new brand strategies created.
  • This choice resulted in separate brands and websites for each brand and a new brand identity and marketing materials for IntelliDose.

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