Overview Brochure: Brown University School of Public Health

Project Description:

Over the years we have worked with Karen Scanlan, Director of Communications of the School of Public Health. For this overview brochure, we worked with her and her team, first—as we always do—to understand the goal of the piece, and most importantly, the different audiences the brochure needed to serve. We provided strategy on the different approaches we could take to connect with the different audiences and achieve the overall goal. Once we decided upon the approach, Karen’s team provided the first draft of text based on the strategy and we worked together to refine the content. With the right content and the right strategy, we designed the brochure being sure to align with the School’s brand standards. We created a custom graphic to visualize the concept of the School of Public Health and selected images to support the concepts and messaging in the brochure. Working collaboratively allowed for an end result of great success and achieving the goals of the brochure.