When significant change occurs, you face an organizational clarity challenge. The changes that leadership is making is clear, but how these changes will affect the organization is not.

We achieve your goals faster by identifying the right problem, not solving the wrong one.

Nine Lenses of Organizational Clarity

When making changes that are essential to the company’s future, you must engage both leadership and employees. We will guide your team using our nine lenses of organizational clarity to deliver a clear picture, strategic outline, and prioritized goals.

To achieve your prioritized goals, you must discover—that is, uncover—problems you were unaware of. We’ll give you a detailed description of your capabilities and challenges, both internal and external.

nine lenses of calrity

With this information you can:

  • Align expectations of what must be done throughout the organization.
  • Create clear priorities.
  • Gain a clear understanding of what it will take.
  • Identify what changes must take place.
  • Enable each employee to identify their role and understand their purpose.

Organizational Clarity Case Study

Significant point of change:

Combine two different parts of a leading CRO to create new offer

Working with a leading global CRO who was combining two different parts of the company, we sought to define their innovative new service. They needed to market the new service offering to achieve this new growth opportunity. Before we could market it, however, we had to define the services, and in the process, discover what they did not know and could not see.

Business Model Clarity

Are the changes you’re experiencing affecting your infrastructure, revenue streams, value proposition, or how you reach customers? If so, it may be time to examine your business model.

Working with your strategic leadership team, we will map your current business model. You’ll see a visual chart with your organization’s value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances.

We then use this chart to map, discuss, and design the changes you need to undergo. It’s a great way to determine if any innovations in your business model are needed.

Brand Identity Structure Clarity

Do you have more than one brand? Have you added brands without defining how all your brands should relate to one another?

We will provide your leadership and marketing teams with an understanding of possible brand structures as well as their strengths and weaknesses. We will help them determine which structure is best for their organization.

Brand Identity Structure Case Study

Significant point of change:

Grow the IntelliDose Brand

Before being sold, IntrinsiQ was the premier source for US oncology data and analysis. IntrinsiQ had a market-leading software application—IntelliDose®—that captured the treatment decisions and details of nearly 20,000 patients a month, creating an unrivaled database of accurate, detailed, and timely information about the medical oncology care process. The goal was to grow the IntelliDose brand and define the software and capabilities in the changing landscape of chemotherapy management and computerized physician order entry systems.

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