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At Orange Square, our insight-driven strategy and visualization gets results. It takes communications and connection to the next level. And it gives mission-driven organizations an authentic voice that engages, inspires, and motivates core audiences. You don’t need to take our word for it though. Our clients say it all…

“Saint Vincent’s has worked with Orange Square for over 15 years on many projects focused on strategic planning, marketing, and design. Our organization has undergone significant changes over the years and their team has invested in our mission as partners and facilitated our growth and innovation while at the same time helping us to maintain clarity about who we are—and who we can be—as a mission-driven organization. Orange Square has helped us navigate through the changes and helped redirect our energies to implement strategies and solutions and continue to build organizational value. ”

John T. Weldon, M.S.W.

Executive Director, Vincent’s

“After more than 15 years of working with Orange Square, they were the obvious choice to guide us through repositioning the Medical School and sharing our strategic vision with the world. They saw the big picture that we were too mired in details to see, and took us through the steps of discovering our core values, determining how those values improve the lives of the communities we serve, and finding meaningful ways to communicate that message. The result was a core set of principles that we could incorporate into communications vehicles to ensure we are consistently presenting our strengths, in every situation and with every audience.”

Kris Cambra

Director of Biomedical Communications
The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

“Orange Square has a unique ability to understand the root of what a company is trying to achieve and to leverage design as a tool to meet those goals. At Bradford, we knew that our Purpose and Core Beliefs were central to a culture that we wanted to foster, but it was unclear how to execute that in a way that was meaningful to employees. Orange Square recognized that our historic building was not conveying a feeling of innovation – something that had been the engine of our success for over 140 years. They activated the space with color, graphics and messaging, personalizing the Core Beliefs with actual quotes from employees, and making the messaging movable to keep it fresh. Employees now learn from each other what is important about our culture.“

Deborah McDonough

VP of Marketing

“Working with Orange Square, NERI successfully achieved our goal to become more visible in new markets. It was critical that this transition remained true to NERI’s commitment to scientific integrity and high quality research. Recognizing the importance of building upon our scientific foundation, the Orange Square design team created a strategic brand transition implemented over two phases—first to simplify and focus our message, and second to create a clean brand presence which connected this message to new markets. Over this 8 year transition, NERI was twice recognized by the International Rebrand Competition as a highly successful rebrand, demonstrating the Orange Square team’s longterm commitment to excellence, our organization and our brand.“

Lisa Marceau

Director and VP, Marketing and Communications

“During every major organizational change and critical project over the past 15 years, I have sought guidance and support from Orange Square to help us navigate these milestones. Their expert direction has given us greater understanding of the issue in front of us, gain clarity about its implications for our organizational story, and find creative and innovative ways to bring our partners and stakeholders along with us.“

Kris A. Hermanns

Executive Director
Pride Foundation

“Orange Square is a pleasure to work with—consistently delivering for BrightStars, growing our brand, and designing engaging materials. Whether it was to re-design our website, develop materials to reach parents, or guidance on our strategic marketing plan, Orange Square continually produced and brought our work to life. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Tammy Camillo

Former Director, BrightStars

Our Clients

Our clients are dreamers, believers, researchers, change makers, activists and educators. Their missions are critical. Their purpose is clear. They believe they can achieve positive change in the world and they dedicate their lives to improving the human experience. We want to be a part of the change they are working for. We want to live in the world they are creating. Our work is the most genuine representation of their—and your—organization and the value they (you) deliver. Together, we are making a better world for everyone.

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