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Brand and website for a medical research study

The project

The COVID MUSIC Study is a research study to better understand Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C), a condition associated with COVID-19 that can significantly affect children and young adult’s health across multiple organs.

The COVID MUSIC Study is funded by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and the National Institutes of Health and is conducted by the Pediatric Heart Network (PHN). Our client is the Data Coordinating Center for both PHN and the COVID MUSIC Study.

The study sought to engage a substantial number of young participants from children’s medical centers across the U.S. and Canada. Aimed at shedding light on MIS-C, the study focuses on understanding its origins, impacts, and potential long-term health implications. By undertaking this research, the COVID MUSIC Study contributes to the broader scientific effort to comprehend and combat the effects of MIS-C, ultimately aiding in the development of effective interventions and support for affected families.

COVID MUSIC Study brand attributes
CMS Brand Strategy
The challenge

How do you establish trust and clarity for a groundbreaking study amidst the confusion and saturation of COVID-19 information?

Developing a brand identity and website for the COVID MUSIC Study during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic presented unique challenges. Our objective was not only to articulate the study’s mission to healthcare professionals and families affected by MIS-C but also to create a platform that was visually compelling and informative. Striking the right balance between being trustworthy and approachable was crucial, especially for parents seeking reliable information about this rare condition.

CMS Name Strategy
The strategy

In approaching the COVID MUSIC Study’s branding and digital presence, our strategy was rooted in clarity, accessibility, and trust.

Recognizing the unique challenges presented by the pandemic’s information overload, we aimed to create a distinct identity and online platform that would stand out for its credibility and user-friendliness. This strategy unfolded across several key areas.

name and url matching

Name update and URL

The study’s initial name, ‘MUSIC Study,’ needed slight modification to ‘COVID MUSIC Study’ to enhance its relevance and ensure a clearer connection with the study’s purpose. This change not only clarified the study’s focus but also improved online discoverability with a matching URL, making it easier for users to find and remember the site.

CMS logo sketches
COVID MUSIC Study logo exploration

Logo and tagline

TThe logo design and the development of a new tagline, ‘Understanding MIS-C,’ were integral in conveying the study’s essence visually and verbally. The logo’s visual elements and the tagline’s message worked together to encapsulate the study’s mission and its focus on MIS-C, providing an immediate, recognizable symbol of the research and its goals.

COVID MUSIC Study logo

Visual identity

Our visual identity work extended beyond the logo to include a cohesive color scheme, typography, and imagery that reflected the study’s innovative spirit and dedication to children’s health. This visual identity was designed to appeal to both healthcare professionals and affected families, ensuring it communicated warmth, trust, and scientific rigor.

CMS Visual Identity
CMS Business Cards
CMS Brochure

Website design and development

The website served as the cornerstone of our strategy, designed to be a central hub for information related to the COVID MUSIC Study. From its structure to its content, the site was developed to be intuitive, informative, and engaging. Features such as easy navigation, downloadable resources, and clear calls to action were implemented to enhance user experience, support community engagement, and facilitate the sharing of findings. The website’s design and functionality mirrored the newly established visual identity, ensuring consistency across all digital touchpoints.

CMS sitemap and wireframes
CMS Website Mockups
The result

The COVID MUSIC Study was the first study of its kind focused on MIS-C during a critical period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This expedited launch was crucial in establishing the study as a pioneering research initiative on MIS-C at a time when understanding and addressing the impacts of COVID-19 on children was of utmost importance. As part of efforts to launch the study under extremely escalated timelines, our rapid and strategic execution across name refinement, visual identity, and website development supported this success.

Digital engagement and information access
The newly developed website serves as an evolving platform for disseminating information throughout the course of the study. Designed for accessibility and ease of navigation, it effectively communicated the study’s objectives, provided answers to common questions, and offered valuable resources for families and healthcare professionals. As the study begins publishing findings, it serves as a platform for disseminating study results to a broader audience.

“Orange Square were fantastic partners in launching the COVID MUSIC Study. They worked collaboratively with our team and study leadership to develop the study brand strategy, logo, print and digital materials, and our informational website under extremely tight timelines, to support study goals. We appreciate their partnership and thoughtful approach to this incredibly important project.”

Julie Miller

Senior Vice President, Carelon Research