Change is hard. We know.

We bring clarity
to change.

What We Do

Are you focused on growth and innovation? Is your organization experiencing significant change with a lot at stake?

You have never done things the way everyone else does.
Neither have we.

At Orange Square, our design thinking approach ensures your success by identifying the right problem, not solving the wrong one. We bring clarity to organizational change. And that helps accelerate your growth.

By defining the right problems, we deliver real solutions—solutions that are authentic because they come from understanding you and your customers. The resulting visual expression of your change is the most genuine representation of your organization. Both your employees and your clients will engage with and feel connected to the value your organization delivers.

Has your
organization undergone
significant change?

  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • Significant Growth
  • New Leadership
  • Market Disruption
  • New, Innovative Services
  • New Funding

Our Services

We are experts in significant points of change. We create clarity for you, your employees, and your clients by discovering, defining, and then delivering your organizational value. Only when you have a clear understanding of the challenges you face can you achieve your goals by developing and implementing the right solutions based on solving the right problems.

Organizational Value

When significant change occurs, you face an organizational clarity challenge. The goal or changes you want to make are clear, but how these changes will affect the organization, and how to succeed is not.

We help you achieve your goals faster by identifying the right problem, not solving the wrong one.

Organizational Value

Six components make up your core organizational value—and this is where your organizational clarity comes from. All the components must be clearly expressed because they are what connect your employees and customers to the value of your organization.

Organizational Value

Once you have discovered and defined your organizational value and your value to customers, you can start to deliver that value—through your brand identity, marketing, and communications.