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Saint Vincent’s Services

Rebranding from a historic orphanage to modern behavioral health service

Saint Vincent's Services
The project

Saint Vincent’s Home, rooted in over 130 years of history in Southeastern Massachusetts, faced a pivotal moment.

Originally an orphanage, it had evolved into a behavioral health services organization, yet public perception hadn’t kept pace with this transformation. Our challenge was to redefine Saint Vincent’s in the community’s eyes, aligning its identity with its current role in family-centered, trauma-informed treatment.

The challenge

How do you reshape a long-established identity and public perception of an organization as an orphanage to reflect its true nature as a provider of comprehensive behavioral health services?

Saint Vincent’s Home was known for its Catholic-based, state-referred services for children. Yet, with its evolution into offering public behavioral health services, there was a crucial need to communicate this change to the community and potential clients. Our challenge was to reposition Saint Vincent’s in the market, making its expanded services known and accessible to a broader audience.

Saint Vincent's Original Brand Identity
The strategy

Our strategy was multifaceted, beginning with a foundational brand strategy phase before addressing the renaming and rebranding of Saint Vincent’s.

Foundational Brand Strategy

We undertook extensive organizational clarity work, focusing on Saint Vincent’s vision, mission, core beliefs, objectives, and service mapping. These efforts were vital in understanding and articulating the organization’s evolving role and offerings in behavioral health services. The process included:

  • Organizational Clarity

    Collaborating to understand the structure and perception of Saint Vincent’s, both internally and externally.

  • Vision and Mission Refinement

    Workshops to align these critical statements with the organization’s current services and future direction.

  • Core Beliefs and Objectives

    Defining the fundamental principles and goals to ensure the brand’s authenticity and relevance.

  • Service Mapping

    Categorizing services to clarify offerings for public and referral sources.

This strategic groundwork culminated in a new positioning statement and descriptor line, encapsulating Saint Vincent’s transformed identity.

Saint Vincent's Service Brand Attributes; Compassionate, Empowering, Inclusive
Saint Vincent's Services tagline; Treatment, Care, Transformation
Saint Vincent's Services Positioning statement

Name change and market repositioning

Informed by this foundational work, we proposed renaming the organization to Saint Vincent’s Services. The renaming from Saint Vincent’s Home to Saint Vincent’s Services was a key move to shift public perception and better reflect the organization’s comprehensive behavioral health services. We also distinguished between ‘services’ open to the public and ‘contracted services’ for state referrals, broadening Saint Vincent’s market scope.

Saint Vincent's Services Old and new logos side by side

Brand identity overhaul

With the strategic foundation in place, we embarked on creating a new brand identity. This process involved a deep dive into the organization’s history and evolved services to ensure the new identity resonated with its legacy and modern transformation.

Saint Vincent's Services Visual Identity
Saint Vincent's Services Brand Guidelines
Saint Vincent's Services Visual Identity, Logo
Saint Vincent's Services Business Cards
Saint Vincent's Services Trifold
Saint Vincent's Services 1 pager

Website and communication strategy

The website overhaul focused on enhancing user experience for families, referral sources, and potential employees. Complementing this, our marketing communications plan aimed to effectively inform the public of Saint Vincent’s new positioning and services.

Saint Vincent's Services sitemap
Saint Vincent's Services website wireframes
Saint Vincent's Services website mockups
The result

The launch of the new brand identity and website marked a significant shift for Saint Vincent’s Services. The rebranding was well received, achieving several key outcomes:

  • Enhanced accessibility

    Families can now easily navigate services and access necessary forms, streamlining the intake process.

  • Improved communication

    Referral sources have effective means to guide families to relevant services.

  • Recruitment and HR benefits

    Enhanced job listing capabilities and seamless integration with job portals.

  • Development and support engagement

    Automated event listings and online interactions for ticket sales, sponsorships, and Wishlist contributions

  • Community engagement

    Increased avenues for supporters to participate in events, donate, and subscribe to updates.

These changes have not only repositioned Saint Vincent’s Services in the market but also have strengthened its capacity to serve the community effectively, reflecting its true mission and range of services.