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NERI / HealthCore merger

The merger of two brands to form one new brand: charting a new course in Healthcare Research

HealthCore Logo
The project

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving health industry, the merger of HealthCore and NERI presented a unique challenge: integrating two established entities into a singular, powerful brand.

Our journey began with a deep dive into both companies’ histories, missions, and visions. We aimed not just to blend but to create a new entity that would stand out in the crowded healthcare market, maintaining the trust of existing clients while attracting new ones.

HealthCore and NERI original brand identities
The challenge

How do you unify two distinct brands, each with its own heritage, in a way that respects their past yet paves a path for a new, shared future?

This was our challenge. HealthCore and NERI had thrived independently, serving similar markets but with different approaches and identities. The merger was more than a business decision; it was about harmonizing different cultures, values, and brand perceptions without losing the essence that made each company unique.

HealthCore Core Belief
NERI Core Belief
The strategy

Our approach was multi-phased, beginning with an exhaustive evaluation of both brands. Through interviews with senior leadership and a thorough analysis of each company’s brand identity, we gained invaluable insights into the strengths and challenges of each entity.

HealthCore Organizational Clarity working session, sticky notes on the wall

Acquisition evaluation and brand audits

We carefully evaluated the impact of the merger, considering client perspectives and internal dynamics. Our findings formed the foundation for our integration strategy.

HealthCore Value Prop Canvas

Organizational clarity and value proposition design

Aligning the vision, mission, and core beliefs with external factors like market positioning and competition, we crafted a value proposition that resonated with the combined clientele of both companies.

Visual identity development

With a deep understanding of the competitive landscape, we proposed several logo options and mood boards. The chosen direction was not just visually striking but also a symbolic representation of the merger, combining elements of both brands into a cohesive and distinct new identity.

HealthCore New Visual Identity Logos and Swag
HealthCore New Visual Identity
The result

The result was a brand identity that resonated internally and externally. The new HealthCore emerged as a unique and recognizable player in the healthcare sector.

Our comprehensive approach encompassed everything from logo design to website development, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints. Internally, the new brand was embraced as a tool for strategic growth, aligning the organization’s goals and empowering business development with a unified and compelling narrative.

HealthCore Brand Guidelines
Healthcore Brand Promise
HealthCore Business Cards
HealthCore Sell Sheet and Brochure
HealthCore Wesbite