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New England Family Study

Rebranding for a new chapter in a longitudinal health research study

New England Family Study
The project

Initiated in the 1960s, the New England Family Study stands as a pioneering longitudinal research project that has spanned over six decades.

Beginning with pregnant women and subsequently enrolling their children, the study’s mission has been to examine the impact of time on health and well-being, with the ultimate goal of enhancing health, well-being, and healthcare across all ages. With over 60 years of research, it provides insights into multiple health conditions throughout life by analyzing intergenerational data. This approach is vital to understanding disease causes and improving health outcomes.

NEFS Previous visual identity
The challenge

How do we reconnect with past study participants in a way that builds trust, especially when they may not remember their initial involvement?

Re-engaging past participants, now aged between 60 and 68, posed a unique set of challenges. Establishing trust emerged as the primary obstacle in an era marked by skepticism and scams. Initially enrolled as children, these participants—whose recollection of the study could be minimal or nonexistent—represented a crucial link to the study’s continued success in studying health trends across generations. The task involved devising a strategy that would effectively reach out to them and rekindle their engagement with the study’s long-term goals.

The strategy

Our strategy focused on the crucial need for an authentic connection with this target demographic by recognizing their hesitations and learning what motivates their participation

Insights through one-on-one conversations

We started with insights from one-on-one conversations prioritizing open dialogue to seek critical feedback. This approach allowed us to uncover potential barriers to participation and the positive aspects that encourage engagement.

Brand identity and trust-building

By valuing the concerns and motivations of potential participants, we created a strategy that not only addresses hesitations but also leverages positive drivers. This balanced approach aims to foster initial engagement and build a foundation for meaningful participation in the study.

With insights from the one-on-one conversations, we created a new brand identity to build trust and credibility. This phase involved a thoughtful rebranding from the original logo and colors to a complete visual identity package that resonated with the study’s evolved mission and appeal.

NEFS Logo Design
NEFS Visual Identity

Marketing material development

With a refreshed brand identity, we identified and created marketing materials to effectively communicate with past participants. These materials were key in conveying the study’s goals and the importance of their continued involvement.

Copywriting services

Our copywriting services skillfully transformed complex scientific research into accessible, engaging content that resonates deeply with participants, effectively bridging the gap between rigorous scientific research and creating content that truly speaks to the audience.

NEFS marketing materials

Website strategy, design, and development

The centerpiece of our strategy was the website strategy, design, and development. This website aimed to serve as an informational hub; building trust, facilitating clear and effective communication, enhancing the study’s visibility, and fostering a sense of community among participants.

New England Family Study mobile website
New England Family Study tablet website

We skillfully bridged the gap between the rigor of scientific research and creating an accessible, engaging brand and identity that resonates with participants. From tailored discussions to developing a participant-centric website, our approach directly addressed their interests and concerns. Refreshing the study’s brand and crafting clear communication materials, we aimed to reconnect with former participants and set a solid foundation for continued success.

The result

The launch of the rebranded New England Family Study marked a new chapter in its long history. We’ve set the stage for ongoing success in tracking generational health trends by reconnecting with past participants via a redesigned brand and website.

Securing future funding is vital to the continued success of this landmark study. The revamped brand and online presence are tools in ongoing funding efforts, showcasing the study’s relevance and innovation to potential funders. This step is vital—more funding means we can keep the research going and broaden our understanding of health issues across generations.

"Unlike other experiences that we have had in partnering with marketing and communications experts, Orange Square has the experience of partnering with researchers. They were able to listen to our needs and experiences and translate those into participant-centered materials while also recognizing our research-specific requirements."

Melissa Clark

Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice
Brown School of Public Health