Meet the Team

Our team of design thinking strategists, marketing experts, visual designers, and writers work with you to achieve your organization’s goals and mission. We are your personal communication gurus and right-hand problem solvers bringing clarity to change. Depend on us to help you achieve your goals.

We bring clarity to change.

Kristine Merz


Kristine has a passion (some might say obsession) with helping clients create clarity, define their purpose, and determine a clear path forward. As an entrepreneur and founder of Orange Square, she is on a mission to make marketing meaningful by using proven tools and processes that extract organizational expertise to create clarity and focus.

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Lisa Marceau

Research & Business Advisor

Lisa has a passion for health care transformation, particularly as it relates to systems change and the digital native generations. As an entrepreneur and leader in health research, she promotes change by understanding the end user as a key component for business success.

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Neela Samia

Art Director

Neela believes good design is equal parts art and logic. Elegant solutions require thinking through design problems to organize and balance visual information.

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Juli Leonard

Art Director

Juli’s passion for art and technology, along with her multidisciplinary background, allows her to craft smart, engaging, unique and functional designs with a pixel perfect eye for detail and strong technical ability. Like any designer, Juli loves imagery, layout, color theory and typography — but she also loves solving problems and finding solutions.

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Mariela Rodriguez

Research Associate

At the forefront of Mariela’s work ethic is her passion to help others. With a can-do attitude, Mariela is eager to take on any challenges or tasks that she may face. More importantly, Mariela believes in cultivating and showcasing work that reflects her drive to serve people and their health needs.

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Nina Austin


Nina is a talented, passionate, untraditional thinker with a propensity for clever wordplay and big ideas. She believes in making brands matter by helping them do work that impacts people and presenting new opportunities for them to show up in meaningful ways.

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Sarah Baldwin


Storytelling is fundamental to being human. It is how we make meaning, and how we connect. Whether she’s working with an individual or an organization, Sarah loves to listen, dig deep, and uncover what the story is –– and then find the words to tell it in the most compelling and authentic way possible.

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Megan Boyaval

Content Strategist

To sway an audience, you must first know the audience. Megan helps sales and marketing teams walk in their prospects’ shoes, to make objective choices about the right message and content and channel.

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