Juli Leonard

Art Director

Juli has a passion for art and technology, her multidisciplinary background, allows her to craft smart, engaging, unique, and functional designs with a pixel-perfect eye for detail and strong technical ability.

Like any designer, Juli loves imagery, layout, color theory, and typography — but she also loves solving problems and finding solutions. Combining the right blend of technology with integrative thinking, she strives to see the bigger picture and find the best possible way to connect ideas with an audience. Juli has extensive expertise in visual identity design, website development and design, animated video production, and various forms of training. She has been a critical Orange Square team member on some of the most interesting and challenging brand projects in the healthcare space. Juli is committed to the values of diversity, equality, inclusion and justice. A graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, Juli has a decade of experience in a wide range of projects, including strategic marketing, brand identity, print, and web design — allowing her to be creative and take on new challenges every single day.

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